Baiyun Hotel is a large five star Traders Hotel

Baiyun Hotel, a big five-star business hotel, is situated on East Huanshi Road where Guangzhou Central Business District and Guangzhou Central Business District Core are located. With the metro station near at hand and a short drive to Guangzhou Convention Center and as the important passageway of Airport Express to Baiyun International Airport, the hotel enjoys most convenient transportation.
Around the Hotel are many internationally well-known brands and shops and high-grade office buildings such as La Perle Plaza, Guangzhou International Trade Center and Friendship Store. Next to it is the reputed Bar Street which boasts not only uniquely-flavored cuisines such as Chaozhou Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine, but also an assemblage of classical delicacies from other countries and regions around the world. It is within a five-minute walk before the guests can fully appreciate the prosperity and the charm of the modern metropolis.
Nestled among the “green” verdant trees, the building complex of the hotel boasts a 2,000 square-meter courtyard garden with exuberant and luxuriant trees. Located on East Huanshi Road with busy traffic, the hotel looks just like “a green island in the urban area”.

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